Duplo LEGO Party Time (Englisch)


LEGO Party Time

This is a unique one for our Community! We all know a child (or a child at heart) who would love a LEGO themed birthday party! What would you build for the ultimate LEGO Classic or DUPO party? We’re looking for fun party activities, games, crafts and easy builds that kids (with some help from their parents!) can create with the LEGO DUPLO or LEGO Classic bricks included in the All-In-One Boxes:

DUPLO https://www.lego.com/en-us/themes/duplo/products/box-of-fun-10572
Classic https://www.lego.com/en-us/themes/classic/products/lego-medium-creative-brick-box-10696

We're choosing 20 volunteers! Yes -- 20! We're looking for 10 volunteers for DUPLO and 10 volunteers for Classic.

- Easy games
- Build-in-a-bag challenge
- AFOL event activities (ex: blind building, speed building)
- Minimal builds (ex: duck, birthday cake)
- Crafts (ex: picture frames, pencil holders, mosaics)
- Team activities (build with a friend challenge)

If you have existing content on your blog/Instagram/Facebook/magazine that fits this criteria, we still want to hear from you! Feel free to submit it and if selected we will still compensate your efforts with a set.

The sourced content may be used across various LEGO channels and potentially third party websites. Each selected fan will receive an All-In-One box (either DUPLO or Classic)!

1-3 activities/games/crafts.
3-5 pieces of photo content of each build
1 video explaining and/or demonstrating the activity/game/craft! It is totally acceptable to use your phone to film this.
Please remember: you must only use the bricks available in the All-In-One box! Do not add additional LEGO bricks and please keep the bricks away from food/drinks.

Express interest by OCTOBER 24
Content to be delivered by DECEMBER 3

If you or anyone in your recognized community is interested in this opportunity, please send me an email to Alyssa.Harrington@LEGO.com with “LEGO Party volunteer” in the subject line. To be considered during the selection process, we kindly request that you include your full (real) name and shipping address, your awesome idea(s) and any photo/video content of your builds.

If there are any questions, please feel free to post them here under this topic and I will do my best to answer them! If you're more comfortable sending me a DM, you're more than welcome to do that too!
Oben Unten