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Achtung: Weiterlesen auf eigene Gefahr! Es werden Spoiler folgen, die euch das Ansehen von Episode VII verderben könnten.

Hallo da draußen vor den Bildschirmen! Worum soll es hier in dem Thread gehen? Ganz einfach: Im Thread Star Wars Episode VII wird bereits schon fleißig über den neuesten Film diskutiert. Allerdings ist es in solchen Threads meist weniger gern gesehen, wenn es um Dinge geht, die den Film spoilern könnten. Da ich aber ziemlich interessiert daran bin, möglichst frühzeitig alles über den Film zu wissen sind mir auch Spoiler recht. Deshalb wird es hier genug Platz geben um sich mit Gleichgesinnten auszutauschen und über potentielle Spoiler und Gerüchte zu diskutieren. Also, los gehts:

Jemand namens Spoiler Man, der nach eigener Aussage Mitarbeiter am Film ist, hat vor kurzem auf 4chan einiges an Material dazu veröffentlicht. Natürlich gibt es keine Beweise für die Richtigkeit der Aussagen, aber einiges hört sich äußerst realistisch an. Hier die Zusammenfassung von reddit:

Teil 1

Last night (November 30th) an enigmatic character called "Spoiler Man" took to 4chan boards claiming to be an employee of Lucasfilm, and answered some general questions about Episode VII.
Before reading, keep in mind that there is no substantial proof that this person is who they say they are, so take their information with a massive grain of salt. With that being said, based on what we know, this information is plausible if not likely -- and indicative of a good film. The brief teaser confirmed the validity of the leaked concept art from a few weeks back ( and everything this "Spoiler Man" says corroborates it as well.
Read on at your own risk.

  • The film is dystopian and darker than Empire. Some 30-40 years have passed since Return of the Jedi, and the Empire and New Republic have been locked in a war of attrition. Everyone is languishing and sick of the war. The script, which is described as "too good for JJ Abrams", begins in space, above a desert planet -- presumably Tatooine.

  • The opening crawl details the ongoing turmoil in the galaxy. How the fall of the Emperor left a void of power, and how the heroes of Endor went into seclusion or kept fighting.

  • The current state of the war is described as being similar to the European theater of 1944, with the Empire being Germany and the Republic being the Allies. The Republic has finally taken the upper hand.

  • John Boyega and Daisy Ridley are the male and female leads.

  • Boyega is a force-sensitive Stormtrooper under command of Gwendoline Christie's character. He defects from the Empire over the course of the movie, ending up stranded on a desert planet (presumed to be Tatooine) during the first act. Having defied orders, Boyega is hunted as a deserter.
TIE fighter wreckage; possibly Boyega's:
  • Gwendoline Christie portrays an Inquisitor. The Inquisitors are a group of lightsaber wielding individuals that may or may not be force sensitive and head up the Imperial Remnant. Inquisitors aren't Sith, but they are not Jedi either; they are hounds used to track down force sensitives, and they are implied to have assisted Vader's cleansing.
Christie's Inquisitor:
Inquisitor's lightsaber:
  • Daisy plays Kira, a character living on Tatooine with Max Von Sydow's character. Kira is a dusty survivalist tomboy. Sydow is a broken man from the prequel area that has become mostly cyborg. He is not force sensitive and for some reason collects artifacts that we've seen at critical points during the previous films, particularly ones relating to the Jedi and the Sith. Daisy shares his fascination with history, and she is revealed in Act II to be the daughter of Han and Leia. As someone with force sensitivity, she resents the fact that Luke went into exile before he could train her, and she hopes that the search for force-sensitive artifacts could lead her to him. She keeps her identity as a Solo under wraps in order to keep trouble away.
Sydow's character examining Vader's helmet:;
Sydow's character with Kira:

  • Sydow is a sort of mentor to Kira, and apparently his true identity is an Act III revelation that will surprise a lot of people. The contention is that he is an existing character from the prequel films, and the revelation of his identity will shock viewers.

  • Sydow's character is "not overtly" a villain, but has some sort of Sith connection.

  • Sydow's "hideout" is a downed AT-AT. Relics of the war are everywhere in the film; there is a real feeling that the entire galaxy is sick of the deadlock.

  • The blue lightsaber in the above picture is apparently the same one Luke lost on Bespin in Empire. The one holding it is Boyega's character (he wasn't necessarily conceived as black).

  • The ball droid from the trailer belongs to Kira.

  • On the desert planet (again, presumably Tatooine) Boyega meets up with Daisy and Sydow. At the end of the first act, Han Solo and Chewbacca take them all off planet in the Millennium Falcon. Shortly afterward, we learn that "Kira" is Han and Leia's daughter. Again, she keeps her identity secret to avoid unwanted trouble.

  • Kira's revelation dumbfounds Boyega and "other people."

  • Chewbacca's life debt extends to Han's whole family, and he is now sporting a robotic arm.

  • Han takes a liking to Boyega. Throughout the film he is in love with Boyega's decision to defy orders and ruin his career in the Imperial military. Han vouches for Boyega, having gone through something similar in his youth.

  • At some point, Han says the familiar "Hey, it's me!" line. Someone, of course, says the classic "I have a bad feeling about this." These are said to be the only self-referential "smile while rolling your eyes" lines of the film.

  • When asked whether Han dies, Spoiler Man replied that he will "not spoil the third act." This in and of itself does not reveal anything, but rather comes off as Spoiler Man being audacious, because answering the question is such a way would spoil the third act, if it were true.

  • Lando's Sullustan co-pilot from Return of the Jedi, Nien Nunb, makes a humorous appearance.

  • Lando is in the script and has apparently become famous.

  • Luke Skywalker has secluded himself from the galaxy, training only a handful of students since his exile. He fears for his future; as he comes closer to Yoda levels of power, he becomes more and more secluded. There are no Jedi in the open, but rumors persist that Luke has trained a few since the events of Endor.

  • Luke first appears in Act II à la Obi Wan dropping his hood in A New Hope. He survives the movie.

  • Boyega and Daisy become Luke's new apprentices.

  • Lupita Nyong'o is Luke's current apprentice, and Boyega's eventual love interest.

  • Luke exiled himself because of the ongoing war. With the galaxy in chaos, he had to ensure his safety so that a new generation could be trained. At least, that's his contention; the fact that he continues to exclude himself despite his great power indicates ulterior motive.
Luke's rumored location:

  • Only Han and Leia know where Luke is, a fact we learn aboard a Mon Cal cruiser in the film's second act.

  • Luke has grown to dislike using his lightsaber, but apparently draws it late in the movie and showcases his abilities against an Inquisitor. It's still green.

  • Luke speaks to Yoda's force ghost in the film.

  • Luke has a reveal in the film which, apparently, is stunning.

  • Leia is the leader of the New Republic. R2D2 and C3PO are with her during the film.

  • R2D2 and C3PO are the only comic relief characters in the film.

  • Carrie Fischer's real life daughter, Billie Lourd, plays Leia in a flashback sequence. Darth Vader appears in this flashback as well, which apparently takes place on Endor.

  • Yavin is in the film, presumably as the Republic's base of operations.
Presumably Yavin:;;

  • The Republic is building a super weapon on a Scandanavian-esque cold and forsaken forest world. Its ultimate purpose is unknown.

  • The Han Solo archetype is split between Oscar Isaac and Domhnall Gleeson.

  • Isaac is an ace pilot with the last name "Darklighter" who's been fighting the Imperial forces for years now. He's a bit of a hot shot.

  • He inherits the Milennium Falcon and is implied to be Kira's eventual love interest.

  • Domhnall Gleeson plays a scoundrel of sorts.

  • Adam Driver's character is an ambitious, force-sensitive pilot who falls to the dark side.

  • He is described as having a transformation that "only begins" in Episode VII.

  • He builds his own lightsaber (the one we see in the trailer). It's referred to as a "junk" lightsaber, which is why it looks different from that which we are familiar with.

  • The decision to give his initial lightsaber a cross-guard was apparently made wholly by the art department.

  • The lightsaber battles are written by Kasdan to be minimalistic and powerful.

  • Driver wears a mask because half of his face is cyborg.

  • He goes looking for Andy Serkis' character on the aforementioned Scandanavian-esque forest world, as we see in the teaser.
Driver's character:

  • Andy Serkis is some kind of alien Sith exempt from the Rule of Two. He is implied to have existed for a long time, be very powerful, and is the speaker in the teaser.

  • Serkis is implied to have trained or used Palpatine for some obscure purpose.

  • Adam Driver receives or builds a new lightsaber after meeting with Serkis.

  • The Sith are not aligned with the Empire.

  • Serkis' goals differ from Palpatine's.

  • Serkis does not play or replace Darth Plagueis.

  • 99.9% of the EU is disregarded.

  • There's very much a sense of the old characters "passing the torch" to the newer characters.

  • John Boyega, Daisy Ridley, Oscar Isaac, Domhnall Gleeson, Lupita Nyong'o, Chewbacca, and the droids (presumably Sydow's character and Kira's ball droid) are the new "big 6". Adam Driver and Andy Serkis are Sith and Gwendoline Christie is an Imperial. Characters we still have no knowledge of are those played by Crystal Clarke, Pip Anderson, Christina Chong, Miltos Yerolemou, Greg Grunberg, and Warwick Davis.
Part 2:
Part 3:
Part 4:
Personally, I think all of this sounds great.
Spoiler Man also indicated that, in February, everything he said will be confirmed and accompanied by many more spoilers. February is when the British folks who worked on the film will no longer have anything to do with it contractually, so information will likely come pouring in. He also indicated that the first trailer would be released on May 1st. As of December 2nd, this has been confirmed.
What do you all think? I'm inclined to believe a lot of it in light of the concept art's validity and the content of teaser. Not only that, but I think this would make for a pretty good film with a whole new feel than the previous trilogies.

Teil 2

Spoiler Man, the same individual that "leaked" an abundance of information on November 30th, has returned and answered more questions. His trip code is the same so there's no denying that this person has the same identity as the one who posted two nights ago. Again, it's all plausible if not likely. I've gathered up the new information for you guys below. Read on at your own risk.

  • The premise of the film is that the Force has become stronger and more potent. There is a great tremor in the Force early in the film; those familiar with the Force feel as if its fundamental nature has somehow changed, while previously oblivious Force-sensitive individuals suddenly realize that they have a gift. This creates a great dichotomy of where to go, because neither Luke nor the antagonists are ready for this new liberation of awareness.

  • Following the repression of the Empire and the Jedi purge, the Force is finally manifesting itself in more people who have the capacity to use it. In this context, it appears as if the Force wants to be used.
John Boyega, Luke Skywalker, and Daisy Ridley

  • Boyega is, for all intents and purposes, the “new Luke Skywalker” (with a touch of Han Solo thrown in). He realizes he’s Force-sensitive when he feels the aforementioned tremor.

  • Boyega is an orphan.

  • Boyega, Daisy, and Adam Driver are all weak in terms of the Force throughout the film.

  • Luke has trained seven Jedi since Endor, two of whom surface in the third act. It is unknown whether Lupita Nyong’o’s character is included in this distinction.

  • In terms of character nature, Luke is like Yoda’s successor.

  • No mention is made of Luke having a child.

  • Palpatine is referenced a couple of times, particularly regarding his role and the decisions he made during Luke’s temptation and resistance in Return of the Jedi.

  • Luke went into seclusion following an event post-Endor that has caused him to become hesitant when using his power to its full extent. He’s not really hiding, but rather hoping to keep attention off of his activities.

  • People think Luke is a bit of a kook given his 20 year absence, but he is said to have a purpose and plan behind his decisions. He’s a bit of an urban legend by the time the film starts.

  • Luke has come to the conclusion that the Jedi are not meant to be an open, quasi-police force like they were in the prequels. He has a close connection to the living Force, and he believes balance must be maintained through a lack of interference in the mundane conflicts of the galaxy. Luke’s contention is that the Jedi, while still needing to promote peace, order, and harmony, cannot actively become servants for any government – including the Republic. Past events and the demise of the old order are said to have taught him that.

  • He is also said to be in contact with Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon in addition to Yoda.

  • Luke does not die, turn evil, or go crazy.

  • Daisy Ridley’s character, "Kira", has been raised incognito to both keep her safe from Inquisitors and from traitors within the Republic.

  • Kira's ball droid is not related to R2D2, and its existence was apparently requisitioned by Disney.

  • She inherits Luke’s original blue lightsaber in the first act of the film.

  • Luke’s lightsaber is said to be one of the things that sets the entire film into motion.
Han, Leia, Oscar Isaac, and Domhnall Gleeson

  • Leia has been the Republic leader for some 30 years.

  • Han and Leia are married.

  • Han does not die in the film. With that being said, his death is apparently being planned for Episode VIII. I would remind you all, however, that his death was also planned for Episode VI.

  • The Falcon has been retrofitted by Solo and it is implied that he has had a couple of adventures these past 30 odd years, with and without Leia.

  • The X-Wings in the trailer are on Yavin.

  • There are Blue, Red, and Gold fighter squadrons in the film.

  • Oscar Isaac’s character, "Darklighter", is stationed on Yavin. He is the leader of Blue Squadron.

  • Han calls Isaac’s character “kid”, much to his annoyance.

  • Domhnall Gleeson’s character is an Imperial officer who defects to the Republic. He is described as a “wingman” that joins the core cadre of good guys.
Adam Driver, Andy Serkis, Max Von Sydow, and Boba Fett

  • Adam Driver’s character is the leader of Red Squadron. He is a hot shot fighter axe with dreams of grandeur, and has an ominous fascination with power and the Sith. He collects items relating to their order and has a close relationship with a past character who may or may not have fallen to the Dark Side.

  • The hilt on the lightsaber he builds (the one from the trailer) is said to not function as a crossguard.

  • Driver is largely untrained in the Force as of Episode VII.

  • Andy Serkis’ species is one we have never seen before.

  • Serkis’ machinations and outlook are very different from Palpatine’s. He believes the Rule of Two is a foolish edict and considers Palpatine as having made a couple of mistakes.

  • We will learn who trained Serkis in the third act.

  • Serkis is described as “legit”, and a “worthy foe to [Luke]”.

  • Max Von Sydow’s character is not Boba Fett, Darth Maul, or Mace Windu.

  • While Sydow’s identity is a surprise, it’s not necessarily earth-shattering. It’s the sort of thing that hardcore fans would be excited about, but overly casual fans likely won’t realize the significance of. Sydow’s identity does have meaning, but you need to know the context.

  • Boba Fett does appear, albeit very briefly.
The Expanded Universe

  • While the EU is disregarded whenever it interferes with the story trying to be told, apparently a few elements from the Del Rey / Bantam books have become legitimate. For example, Boba Fett’s short story in Tales from Jabba’s Palace is assumed to be how he escaped.

  • No EU characters are used.

  • Darth Revan is not in the film, and the mask that Adam Driver’s character wears did not belong to him.

  • The Scandanavian esque planet is called Sullarn (as of the film's second draft), and it exists mostly in the film’s third act.

  • The planets visited in the film are Tatooine, Yavin, Coruscant, Sullarn, and a final fifth planet from the third act.

  • Tatooine is only seen in the first act (the Cantina and Garindan make appearances) and Coruscant is seen very briefly. Two parallel storylines converge on Sullarn, where the film’s climax takes place.

  • Sullarn is said to be like Taiga at its best, and the arctic at its worst.
General Information

  • There are many visual throwbacks to the prequel trilogy. A lot of conventional props, masks, and prosthetics will be used.

  • There is no kissing in the movie, no blood, no Benedict Cumberbatch, no Watto, and no black antagonists.

  • “I am your father” esque twists are trying to be saved/concocted for Episode VIII.

  • Rebels will have connections to Episode VII, particularly regarding the Inquisitors. Disney has dictated the deep and thorough implementation of the Inquisitors into the Rebels storyline.

  • Disney has apparently interfered in several matters regarding the film. That, coupled with "oversights", is causing Abrams great stress; Spoiler Man describes him as looking "10 years older every time we see him" and having no love lost for Disney at this point.

  • There are three lightsaber battles in the film. Two of the three illustrate the vast skill gap between the combatants, and the third is “magnificent”, “heavy hitting”, and “original-trilogy styled”.

  • The Empire is said to become more of a secondary foe as the new trilogy progresses.

  • The film is apparently on par (quality wise) with Episode IV. "I'd say its as good as A New Hope", Spoiler Man says when asked which film it measures up to.

  • Spoiler Man claims to have seen the script and some raw footage/dailies. He has great respect for Kasdan.

  • He contends that everything he says will be “95% correct”, but also that Disney and Lucasfilm are actively leaking fake information to spin things different ways and throw people off. In February, the influx of information both true and false will result in apparent contradictions.

  • Ali Arikan is said to be one of the mouthpieces for the fake spins.

  • Spoiler Man’s last message is that we “don’t fall to the spin machine”.

Teil 3

Spoiler Man has returned for a third and apparently final time. He contends that LucasFilm has been in heavy damage control following the momentum the leaked information gained, and that this is probably the last time he will be able to communicate. "They practically interrogated a couple of us," he says, adding that he "no longer feels secure". As I've iterated in the previous two threads, this information is very plausible, so exercise caution if you wish to remain definitively unspoiled. Read on at your own risk.
Script Scans
Presumably page 22:

  • Deak is John Boyega's character.

  • Montross is Max Von Sydow's character. He is not Bail Organa.

  • Montross may be a codename renamed in Spoiler Man's version of the script. Concept art and low hierarchy crew scripts are renamed and sometimes jumbled up.

  • No character is in any way related to Count Dooku.
Presumably page 64:

  • Opuchi is Andy Serkis' character.

  • The small, vertical line in the word "with" (fourth line down) is apparently called a crew marker. In relevant places, they signify which version of the script was given to which level of department. His specific copy of the script, given to LucasFilm employees, has unique markers on certain pages. Around "50 more people" have it in their scripts as well. Its a barcode-esque prompt mark that signifies which group its in. Random letters in every page have them, and they signify Lucasfilm-Post, BadRobot-Post etc.
These script scans are extremely likely to be fake. /u/Stoneymonster has posted a link ( indicating clear layering in the photos. If they were real scans, the image would be uniform.
General Information

  • Spoiler Man's favorite aspect of the film is the new cast. He says that they're "better than the originals," and that Oscar Isaac, Gleeson, Ridley and Boyega are "REAL ACTORS" that are legitimately good.

  • There is a scene in which Boyega's character, Deak, refuses to incincerate innocent villagers.

  • Adam Driver's character seems pretty normal until we learn about his obsession with the Sith.

  • Daisy Ridley does not wear any revealing outfits.

  • Han does not have any Force-sensitivity.

  • In Spoiler Man's script, Lupita Nyong'o is human, but his coworkers have claimed that she may have been turned into an alien. Regardless, she is still Boyega's eventual love interest.

  • Pip Anderson (who plays a peripheral character) was hired specifically for his acrobatic skill.

  • The Force is more potent this time around, and general acrobatics less so.

  • There are clones in the film.

  • Spaceships have a derelict look about them. The timegap between episodes have not changed them much, and they're still described as "80's angular".

  • No Super Star Destroyers, but plenty of regular Star Destroyers. The opening involves one in some capacity.

  • They are aiming for 115-120 minutes for length. Even though the movie will be shown digitally, they cannot exceed 6 reels of film. They want to avoid high VPF (virtual print fees).

  • The script has many derivative names. Apparently the name "Kane" was proposed and shot down.
JJ Abrams and George Lucas

  • JJ has very high degree of paranoia regarding leaks. Spoiler Man contends that JJ himself is "the only reason the whole plot hasn't been revealed yet," and that the Disney oversight trusts him in keeping spoilers from becoming rampant until the Fall of next year.

  • JJ has apparently been given a blank authority cheque from Disney.

  • JJ is said to have great disdain for the prequels. A rumor circulates LucasFilm that he told Kathleen Kennedy "[George] literally betrayed and murdered his past achievements".

  • Despite that, JJ is said to have paid "lip service" to George previously. Lip service means giving someone approval and/or support.

  • Lucas is sympathetically tolerated and venerated, but also "lampooned" for "murdering the prequels". Bad Robot loathes him.
Spoiler Man

  • Spoiler Man believes it will be a good film. He is said to dislike JJ Abrams' works, but he does concede that Abrams is incredibly stressed and determined not to fail (especially in the eyes of the "purists"). It will be "better than the Star Treks".

  • His thoughts on the crossguard lightsaber's design and the new TIE pilot's helmet ( are both negative. Apparently, an insider joke regarding the TIE pilot's helmet is that there's a roof on his head.

  • Spoiler Man contends that the amount of disinformation that will come in February, once Elstree and Pinewood go "ballistic with spoilers", will be very high.

  • In the worst case scenario, he says he is lying to keep you interested in the film, or "muddling up other brutal rumors, hence will improve viewer experience". In an average case scenario, he is telling half-truths that calibrate and manipulate your expectations intelligently. In the best case scenario, he says, "I am absolutely right, but I responsibly avoid vomiting ALL of the big shit right off the bat."

  • For Star Wars fans, he calls this a "win-win". Despite calling the third thread his "final stand", he says "I'll see you guys tomorrow" and will "hold our hands to keep the childlike wonder of classic Star Wars alive through these difficult few weeks".

  • Spoiler Man says that tomorrow he will come with the script scene where Driver meets Serkis (the winter forest scene in the trailer) and offer behind the scenes clues as to whether he is "a skilled bullshitter or the real thing". He contends that it doesn't matter whether or not you believe in him.
So, this one was a bit more light on plot developments and revolved moreso around generalities regarding the production. In terms of the plot, I'm still having a hard time determining whether its too good to be true or too good to be false. However, I will say that I believe less now than I did following the previous two threads, especially after the "script scans". First he says its his final appearance, than he says he'll be back tomorrow. Ugh. My head is starting to tell me that he's a fraud, but I really like a lot of the plot. Queue X-Files I want to believe.

Teil 4

Alright guys. You know the drill by now, so I won’t bore you with warnings and the like. Spoiler Man has come back yet again, contending that yesterday’s posts (compiled in Part 3) were “95% not him”. He says that the “Deak” and “Opuchi” script scans are fake, and that he would never directly spoil the film’s third act “for personal reasons” (?). He adds that he does indeed work at Lucasfilm, but all the stuff about “witch hunts” and the like resulting from the “leak” is wrong; “98% of Star Wars gross are from people who are casual fans and don’t even know the name of Boba Fett. [Lucasfilm] could give a shit what little things are spoiled on 4chan or Reddit.”
For what it’s worth, his writing style and personality are more in line with the first two threads than the third. The uncharacteristic hostility from the third thread is pretty much gone. Anyways, here’s the information. Read at your own risk and all that.

  • Back in the conceptual stages, JJ wanted a darker version of the universe, and Kasdan had deep rooted desires to reuse some of his original ideas regarding the OT. Lucas' original ideas for the sequels were "a little bit too Skywalker-family centric." He wanted to keep it a family saga, which was fine, but the flak from all the prequel baggage would be huge if "by some cruel act of fate, Christensen appeared as a force ghost."

  • Disney did not want the liabilities of the prequels in the new trilogy, so both sides made a compromise: JJ and Kasdan would get their wish for a darker trilogy as they convinced Lucas that the Skywalker-Solo generations could be fallible, and not immune to temptation or ambition. Lucas insisted on a force majeure to set this up, so they came up with "The Force Awakens", where the Force as a concept would move away from the physical-measurable Midichlorian aspect and into a more mystical Kershner-esque form where it could not be quantified or defined. Even the Jedi would be stumped as to what was possible with it.

  • The prequels had a diminishing Force-user aspect and the originals had an almost extinct Force-user aspect. These films, however, will have the Force return and its power inflate. It's manifestations are amplified and more potent.

  • "Jedi" powers increase, but not necessarily kinetic lightsaber stuff. Dominating someone's mind, breaking into their will; that's the sort of stuff that gets powered up. "Think of it done by Serkis' character," Spoiler Man says. "Done without limitation, without ethical limits. Thats the sort of force powers that are prevalent in this film."

  • The political landscape is murky and tired because of the unending war. Luke and company fought and won, but all they succeeded in doing was giving the Empire an enemy that's their equal. We didn't witness the end of the war in Return of the Jedi, we witnessed the first step in a transition that has led to a seemingly endless chessgame between military superpowers. The Republic and the Empire are two snakes eating each others' tails. The movie is dark because the galaxy is stuck in a bad situation that's about to grow worse. Because the Force is about to alter its nature dramatically, those who have been shunned and persecuted so long (Force users) are about to increase in both stature and abilities.

  • Of the two, the Empire is the lesser force. Corsucant is Republic territory, and a vicious struggle to conquer it is referred to in the script. This struggle was said to have cost "many lives and assets".

  • The Empire is not aligned with the Sith. While the Empire may be bad, the Sith are evil. They have completely different motivations.

  • The void of a central power has caused profiteers and illegals to run rampant across a majority of the galaxy.

  • There is a scene in which an Imperial fleet is assembled over "Sullarn", the supposed Scandanavian-esque forsaken forest planet. Spoiler Man equates it to a Star Wars version of Rheinland near the end of WWII.

  • There is a Krayt dragon scene of some kind which "finally puts a body to a skeleton in play".

  • Boyega and Driver's journeys run parallel. One transitions from bad guys to good guys, and the other vice versa. Driver's journey apparently "hits close to home" for some other characters.

  • George pushed for Boyega's casting, but was backed by JJ and by Disney.

  • Boyega doesn't die, and "will never die". Spoiler Man reiterates that he is "the new Luke Skywalker".

  • Han's main source of empathy and patronage to Boyega's character is due to his own precisely similar conditions when saving Chewie.

  • Han mentions Lando to Chewie. While Lando doesn't physically appear in Spoiler Man's script, Spoiler Man has heard that Billy Dee has been cast without any fanfare. He thinks it's likely that Lando will appear, but "can't confirm it 100%".

  • When Han meets up with Boyega and Kira, he recognizes the blue lightsaber in their possession as Luke's original (remember, he actually had a chance to use it in Empire).

  • Spoiler Man "loves" when people think Adam Driver is Han Solo's son.

  • Leia is somewhat Force-aware. She knows things regarding Kira, how she is, etc etc. It's quixotically very similar to how she is in EU, but she is a leader now, a public persona. She is respected and venerable and is "basically on Coruscant" during the film.

  • Leia refers to a place called "New Alderaan", but it is never explored further.

  • Rumors that Han and Leia are at odds with each other, or "haven't seen each other in years", are false. They are definitively married and Daisy Ridley's "Kira" is definitively their daughter.

  • Daisy Ridley's character is the Leia to John Boyega's Luke.

  • Daisy Ridley's character is slightly above Luke's levels of power in A New Hope. She is a step beyond Boyega and Driver.

  • The TIE fighters in the trailer arrive with a couple of Star Destroyers, and they are on Tatooine hunting for something that Kira happens to find.

  • R2 is still central and still finds himself in Luke's old X-Wing at some point.

  • The ball droid is somewhat peripheral. "Let's have a cute droid around while Kira does her stuff", Spoiler Man says when asked to describe its role.

  • Domhnall Gleeson starts off as an Imperial officer and transitions into an anti-hero. He is said to have the "tastiest role", and is ultimately revealed to be Luke's son. This reveal is "borderline Act III" and the revelation as to who he truly is forms his core story arc. It's said to complement the "reverse homage" nature of the script, with the girl saving the stormtrooper (Daisy and Boyega), Isaac saying "don't get cocky", etc etc.

  • Gleeson's mother is revealed in the third act of the film.

  • Luke "does not go Matrix" and the X-Wings in the teaser are not en route to stop him.

  • A foreboding sense of power comes to accompany every powerful Jedi, including Luke. Mention of his name causes odd stares as people think about "that naive little farm kid who evolved into an AWOL Jedi Master and has the power to shatter capital ships." He's not considered "bad", he is not understood. Why become a master and dissappear for 20 years? Why not help, be the hero of the day? Why go into superhermit mode?

  • Pip Anderson's character is an alien that utilises the actor's parkour skills, a la Ray Park's Darth Maul.

  • Gwendoline Christie's Inquisitor is Force-sensitive.

  • Lupita Nyong'o's character is "ambiguous."

  • Max Von Sydow's character is not a veteran of the Clone Wars. He has existed in the prequel area and is recognizable to the purists, but again, the casual fans won't care much about his identity.

  • He reiterates that he "never said Serkis trained Palpatine". The first batch of information contended that Serkis attempted to use or train Palpatine for some obscure purpose.

  • Serkis' character has a critical role to play in Luke's original lightsaber getting from Bespin to Tatooine's orbit. We don't learn the specifics until Act III, but moving it from point A to point B "obviously required a middle man, voluntary or manipulated".

  • When someone mentions Sifo-Dyas, another poster says that he died in the Clone Wars. Spoiler Man's response is "focus on this argument; that's a hint".

  • Out of John Boyega, Daisy Ridley, Oscar Isaac, Domhnall Gleeson, Adam Driver, and Lupita Nyong'o, only Oscar Isaac lacks Force-sensitivity.
Other Stuff

  • There are plenty of nostalgic elements. Spoiler Man says that the most satisfying moment he can reveal is Luke's appearance. It parallels, both visually and contextually, Luke's first meeting with Obi-Wan. However, Luke's appearance is apparently better, and with more baggage attached.

  • The showing of the crossguard lightsaber in the trailer was done to emulate the success of Maul's double-edged lightsaber reveal. Although it serves no purpose in the fight that it's involved in, it was ultimately approved my Lucas. The shoddy construction and Driver's limited knowledge factors in to the design and the crossguard is apparently "not utilitarian."

  • Practical effects are 60-80% of the process, but they have CGI "decorators", "skittles", textures and trails and lighting additions. CGI is everywhere, yes, but its just a tool/decoration. Most significant things are models and physical effects. "You'll like it and approve it", he says, adding that "Casuals will be floored by it".

  • Spoiler Man's contention is that post production is only about 20% done. When someone calls him out, claiming that "if post is only 20% done, how can you know about the CGI?" he has a pretty elaborate response. "Even before final color correction on Baseline, raw footage with even the most basic of effects has layers and layers of CGI on it. You want the classical Terminator hand prop instead of the CGI terminator hand, I get it. Thats why I'm saying that 7 will please you. Almost all of the space sequences are made by classical methods complemented in post by their CGI counterparts. Most dialogue or effect-light scenes are dotted with dozens and dozens of props. A British industry vitalized once by George Lucas and Ridley Scott was reborn when Star Wars used classical props to such an extent: they WILL make a big deal about it."

  • While some ships have redesigns, most maintain the classic look. Despite evolution, things appear similar, X-Wings in particular. His favorite design concepts are "the new walkers on Endplanet/Sullarn".

  • Michael Arndt's script facets are not in the film, nor will he be credited in any way.

  • He contends that the dialogue is good, adding that "Kasdan can't fail in dialogues. Abrams can, but Kasdan can't".

  • Spoiler Man has seen no linearly edited footage, but has seen some raw footage of Tatooine and space scenes (shot with IMAX 9802's) that "looks splendid".

  • Despite agreeing to post an image of himself at Lucasfilm or something along those lines, he says he will only post a "cool picture" when he feels "secure enough to do so". He contends that any "proof" he posts can just as easily be discredited or claimed as false. "You are reading these spoilers of your volition," he says. "Nobody is force feeding you this stuff."

  • He claims that he doesn't mutate "other shit" and he doesn't change "little stuff". He goes "out on a limb, and types as it is." When his two big spoilers are confirmed, everyone will return to his information.

  • He still contends that, come February, he'll be "[our] favorite friend", and posted this image: alongside a post reiterating that he did not leak yesterday's "script scans".
Just remember guys, nobody is definitively claiming these spoilers are real (except Spoiler Man). Read them, have fun with them, and post what you think. If you want to call bullshit and point out irregularities, power to you. Regardless of whether it turns out to be completely fake, somewhat fake, somewhat real, or even completely real, a year down the road we can look back at "what could have been" and maybe have some fun with it. Personally, I'd love to know if the above picture has existed on the internet prior to its posting. At any rate, though, I think I've had my fill of Spoiler Man. I'll check out further posts for fun, but I doubt I'll take the time to put it all together again. If he actually posts a decently identity-proving picture, maybe, but for now my interest in his words has waned.

So, ihr seid dran!

LG Warthog

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Alsoooo meine Meinung, sollte das jetzt alles stimmen bisher, was da auf uns zukommen soll, dann freu ich mich wirklich auf den kommenden Film bzw. Fortsetzung unserer Lieblingssaga. :)

Man merkt schon, dass der liebe JJ sich da ordentlich reinhängt um nichts zu verpatzen.
Auf die Umsetzung der Hauptcharaktere bin ich ja schonmal gespannt. Im Fokus steht jetzt dann ja weniger die Skywalker-Familie.
Was mir beim Lesen ganz besonders gut gefallen hat, war die Klarstellung, dass weder Kussszenen, ein Jar Jar ähnliches Lebewesen, noch ein Cumberbatch den Film verunglimpfen werden. Hoffentlich stimmt das. xD

Einzig und alleine was mich irritiert ist dieser "Montross". In diversen Spielen war das doch ein ehemaliger Erzfeind Jango Fett's, dessen er sich doch im typischen Jango-Stil entledigte, wenn ich mich nicht irre. Oder ist das ein völlig anderer Charakter?

Mfg. Scorch


Kämpfer gegen die aufkeimende Sucht
Wer könnte der Charakter sein, den Max von Sydow spielt?
Ich tippe auf den überlebenden General Veers. Der eben auf Hoth im AT-AT nicht umgekommen ist, der aber schwere Verletzungen davongetragen hat. Da er seine Karriere Darth Vader verdankt, hängt er der guten alten Zeit nach.

Comander Shork

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fr4ggl3 schrieb:
Wer könnte der Charakter sein, den Max von Sydow spielt?
Ich tippe auf den überlebenden General Veers. Der eben auf Hoth im AT-AT nicht umgekommen ist, der aber schwere Verletzungen davongetragen hat. Da er seine Karriere Darth Vader verdankt, hängt er der guten alten Zeit nach.
Haha 100% nicht Veers. Es wird aufjedenfall ein komplett neuer Character sein. Aber naja, man sollte einfach auf den Film oder neue Informationen warten.

RC 1136

ACHTUNG! Das Anklicken von Links und Spoilern in diesem Post könnte wirkliche Überraschungen nach sich ziehen, zumal sich die Gerüchte verdichten. Auch mein Kommentar könnte mögliche Inhalte implizieren!


Obwohl ich mich eigentlich nie spoilern lassen wollte, muss ich gestehen, dass ich die Gerüchte um SW:TFA mittlerweile fast minutiös verfolge. Und nach den letzten Informationen ist das - wenn auch schmerzlich - wohl für mich die beste Lösung, um auf mögliche Schock- oder Freudenmomente im neuen Star Wars-Film vorbereitet zu sein. So kann ich das, was ich sehe, genießen, solange es noch geht.

Ich möchte mal auf den aktuellen Stand der Spoiler- und Gerüchteküche hinweisen, ich denke hierfür am besten geeignet ist dieser Link.

Zuletzt äußerte JJ ja, dass er wohl um Leaks wisse und auch die Spannung der Fans verstehe. Er bestätigte, dass einige Gerüchte wahr, andere jedoch auch falsch seien. In den vergangenen Wochen verdichteten sich jedoch ganz besondere Informationen um Schlüsselelemente der Handlung, darunter mögliche Charakterschicksale, die Settings und auch die Introszene.

Achtung: Im folgenden Spoiler fasse ich das allerwichtigste - und auch plausibelste und scheinbar am besten fundierte Bild zusammen. Nochmals NACHDRÜCKLICHE SPOILERWARNUNG.

Das Wichtigste zuerst:

Han Solo wird sterben.
Er soll wohl die zentrale Mentorrolle übernehmen, um sich dann im Kampf mit Kylo zu opfern/... Ort: "Villain Castle" (Hierzu gab es schon einige Beschreibungen, einschließlich einer rauchenden Festung und einen Millenium Falken, der sich davon entfernt)
"Kylo Ren beendet die Konversation für immer.",

Die Quelle ist sehr aktiv und verlässlich und die Information fügt sich in viele der neueren Leaks sinnvoll ein, entspricht schließlich auch dem Wunsch Harrison Fords nach dem Tod Han Solos.
Meine Meinung: Sehr wahrscheinlich, möglicherweise auch Teil des Ford-Deals.

Zweitens: Finn wird zum Deserteur, der in den weiteren Helden scheinbar neue Verbündete findet. Die aus dem Teaser bekannte Szene könnte einem Absturz des Fluchtraumschiffes von Rey, Finn und Co. (Möglicherweise ein TIE/der neue modifizierte TIE) entstammen, Informationen wonach die Charaktere auf einem Sternenzerstörer gefangen gehalten werden und fliehen häufen sich.
Meine Meinung: Wahrscheinlich, auch wenn die genauen Hintergründe wohl im Film zentral sein werden.
€dit: Finns Rolle als (desertierter) Stormtrooper ist bestätigt.

Drittens: Das Intro wird von einem im Raum schwebenden Lichtschwert(griff) gezeichnet sein, welcher auf einen Wüstenplaneten zusteuert. Dort wird er geborgen - möglicherweise von Max von Sydows Charakter und von Poe eingefordert (?). Die Imperialen sind mit von der Partie - und brennen stilecht alles nieder.
Meine Meinung: Abwarten. Es klingt sehr wahrscheinlich, allerdings erwarte ich von einem Star Wars-Intro doch ein Raumschiff. Aber das kann sich sicherlich fügen.

Luke Skywalker spielt in SW:TFA kaum eine Rolle und wird erst richtig in der letzten Szene eingeführt. Hierzu besagt auch der neue Leak, dass die "Jungen Helden" ihn aufsuchen, nachdem ihr Mentor (Han?) verstorben/verschwunden(...) ist.
Meine Meinung: Wahrscheinlich. Es wurde viel um Lukes Rolle gerätselt und ein Gerücht klang teils haarsträubender als das nächste. JJ Abrams traue ich aber zu, aus Luke so etwas wie einen neuen Yoda/Ben Kenobi zu machen, erste Hinweise gab es bereits früh. Das neue Bild fügt sich gut in wilde Spekulation und begründete Annahmen und würde die Doppelrolle der Mentoren neu erzählen: Han als neuer Ben, der sich opfert, Luke als neuer Yoda - Ende offen. Fakt ist, dass bei nahezu JEDEM Gerücht zu Lukes Verbleib die Worte Versteck, Exil etc. gefallen sind.

SWU zitiert wörtlich zum Thema Luke Skywalker:


I imagine like all Star Wars films, the end is silent with music playing. That’s just my take though. But it seems likely here.

Rey walks up the stone steps. She comes up to a figure and puts the Lightsaber in his hand. Its Luke Skywalker.

The End.

That’s what Luke does. He gets his lightsaber back. He apparently finds an apprentice. It appears Luke Skywalker is very much an artifact being saved for Star Wars: Episode VIII."

Meine Meinung: Somit wird das Lichtschwert zu Beginn wohl Luke gehören. Das aber werden Fans spätestens beim ersten Blick erkennen.

Ich war anfänglich sehr ungläubig, aber mehr und mehr habe ich das Gefühl, dass wir erfahren, was in SW:TFA vor sich gehen wird - abzüglich dessen, was wohl die heilige Essenz bilden wird: Die Ursache des Ganzen (Vgl. Rache d. Sith/Rebellion).
Zudem möchte ich mit Blick auf die Figur Kylo Ren noch auf die Konzeptbilder eines verbrannten Darth-Vader-Helmes und das neulich von Warwick Davis vor einem scheinbar neuen Darth-Vader-Kostüm veröffentlichte Foto hinweisen. Ich bin überzeugt: Die angekündigten Flashbacks werden kommen und die Geschichte des neuen Sith-Kriegers offenbaren.
Ebenso treffsicher scheinen sich die Infos um den Chrom-Stormtrooper-Commander, wohl gespielt von Gwendoline Christie, zu gestalten...

Soviel von mir heute.

RC 1136

Kleines Update: Nachdem ich heute schon mehr oder weniger schrecklich unplausible Plot-"Leaks" verfolgt habe, bin ich trotzdem auf diesen Link hier gestoßen.

(Achtung: Möglicher Spoiler!)


Ob an dem Gerücht etwas dran ist, keine Ahnung, ich glaube aber eher nicht. Es klingt mir zu sehr nach Fan-(Wunsch-)Träumen und Max von Sydow ist meiner Meinung nach nicht "sein" altes Gesicht. Trotzdem eine nette Theorie und eigentlich eine der scheinbar verlässlicheren Quellen. Und so langsam beschleicht mich das Gefühl, dass in dieser Schlacht von Jakku mehr drinsteckt, als wir bisher annahmen.

Have fun,


aka blac wing
Verdammt!! jedes mal sag les ich den spoiler und will danach alles wieder vergessen!! xD
Aber wirklich gute arbeit, wie du das alles aus der informationsflut rausfilterst :)

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